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Ariticle 1 Purpose

These articles are for the purpose of prescribing the terms of use and procedures for the text message service
(hereafter referred to as “service”), rights and responsibilities between the company and members and other necessary things provided by the 
site “en.kgoldfulvic.com"  (hereafter referred to as “site”) run by Global Vigen Korea(hereafter referred to as “company”).

Article 2 Effects and Changes of Articles

1. These articles become effective by giving a notice of their contents on the company website.
2. The company can decide the articles within the scope of not breaking relevant laws and can change the articles 
    if it is necessary.
3. If the company changes the articles, the company shall make a notice on the site 7 days before the date of application.
   And it takes effect in the same method as the clause1.
4. If the member doesn’t agree with the changed articles, he can’t stop using the service and leave the site. 
   If he continues to use the service without complaints even after the date of application, the company considers
   that he agrees with the changed articles.

Article 3 Application of Articles

1. If a thing is not prescribed in these articles, it shall be dealt according to related laws and regulations.
   If there isn’t any related laws and regulations, it should be deal according to general commercial practices

Article 4 Definition of Terms

1. Definitions of terms used in these articles are as follows.
   ① Member : this term means an individual who agrees with these articles, gets ID and PIN number and use the service
                     on the site run by the company.
   ② User ID : This term means the combination of letters and numbers of 4 to 12 characters long.
   ③ User PIN number : this term means the combination of letters and numbers of 4 to 12 characters long to check 
                                  if the current user, trying to contact, is the same user who got an ID before and to protect
                                  the user’s information.



[Chapter 2 Making Contract]


Article 5 Application for Membership

1.The user should fill out a form for joining as an expression of his intention that he agrees with the articles to apply for membership application. The company expresses its consent through its confirmation process of a real-name according to its principle.

Article 6 Establishment of Contract

1. Contract for service is established by the application for membership and consent from the company.
2. The company can postpone giving consent to use of the service about the applications for membership in the following
   ① It is beyond the company’s capacity.
   ② It is difficult to realize the service due to technological difficulties
   ③ It is difficult to give consent due to a reason attributable to the company
3. The company can refuse to give consent to applicants in the following cases. And even after giving consent, it can 
   cancel the contract without notice.
   ① The applicant is not using a real name
   ② The applicant embezzled other person’s name for membership
   ③ The applicant fill in false information in the application form
   ④ The applicant could prevent offering normal service or prevent other users from contacting the serve
   ⑤ The applicant is registers as a credit delinquent according to the Use and Protection of Credit Information Act 
   ⑥ The application is registered as a delinquent internet service user in the Information and Communication Ethics
   ⑦ The conditions for the application are satisfied or the applicant’s identity is not verified

Article 7 Use and Change of the user’s ID

1. The user’s ID cannot be changed in principle and shall not be used by a third party, either.



[Chapter 3 liability of each person concerned with the service]


Article 8 Liability of Company

1. The company does not do any act prohibited by laws and these articles and shall do its best to provide continuous and 
   stable service according to these articles.
2. The company takes necessary measures to protect and manage members’ personal information, and let members use the
   service safely.
3. The company shall deal with complaints and suggestions from the user if they are reasonable. But, if it’s difficult to handle
    them immediately, the company shall notify the reason to the users by email or telephone.
4. The company shall not tell or distribute members’ personal information to a third party without authorization of persons 
   ① If there is a request from a government agency according to the Telecommunication Basic Act and relevant laws
   ② If there is a request from the Information and Communication Ethics Committee or it is necessary for a criminal
   ③ If there is a request according to a procedure defined by other relevant laws

Article 9 Responsibilities of Members

1. The member shall abide by all things described in these articles, guide lines for using the service, and cautions.
2. The member shall provide information required by the registration form sincerely and it shall be consistent with
    current truth.
3. The member shall have the obligation of managing his ID and PIN number on his own. Any result caused by his
    mismanagement shall be on the responsibility of a member.
4. The member doesn’t let a third party use his ID or PIN number. When ID or PIN number is stolen or was found to be
    being used by a third party.
5. The member shall not do any act against public order or beautiful and fine custom as follows.
   ① The act using other user’s ID illegally
   ② The act of hacking or spreading computer virus
   ③ The act of sending commercial information or similar information repeatedly against a receiver’s refusal
   ④ The act of intruding other person’s intellectual property
   ⑤ The act for criminal activities or abetting criminal activities
   ⑥ The act for anti-national crimes
   ⑦ The act of damaging morality and other social orders
   ⑧ All activities of disturbing the stable operation of the service or having possibilities of doing so


[Chapter 4 Use, Limit and Cautions of the service]


Article 10 Use of Service

1. The use of the service is possible right after the company check the joining of the member.
2. The time of using the service is 24 hours all the year around in principle except stopping due to company affairs or 
    technical troubles. But the dates of regular inspection of the system or other designated dates or times are not so.
    In these cases, the company gives a notice before or after an incident..

Article 11 Limit or Stopping of Service

1. The company could limit or stop the service partially or wholly in the following cases.
   ① Limit or stopping is inevitable due to repair on facilities for the service, regular investigation or construction.
   ② Key telecommunications service providers stated in the Public Telecommunication Service Act stopped electric
       communication service.  
   ③ There are high possibilities of wars, accidents, natural disasters or any national emergencies.
   ④ The use of the service is being disturbed due to troubles in service facilities or sudden increase of users.
   ⑤ Someone brought disgrace on other person or gave disbenefit to him.
   ⑥ The user didn’t pay service charge within due date.
   ⑦ Someone spreads a context against public order or established social morals and good manners.
   ⑧ Someone is continuously sending commercial information without the agreement from a receiver.

Article 12 Cautions on Use of Service

1. If the amount of text messages being transmitted accelerates, it could be delayed or failed. A member should check the
    result of transmission. He is responsible for any disbenefits caused by not checking the result of the transmission.
2. When a text message reaches to the text message transmission system of each telecommunication provider,
    the text message is considered to be transmitted successfully.
3. If the receiver is out of the service area, the receiver is in the state of not being able to use the service or the system
   deleted a message, which was over the resending limit (12 hours), the company does not take any responsibility for them.

Article 13 Copyright of Postings

1. The intellectual property rights of postings, which are put up by the user, belong to the user. But, the company has 
   publication rights for the web page and can use the user’s postings as long as it is for the service of the company. 
2. The user cannot use any posted materials commercially such as processing and selling of information from the service. 
3. The company is not legally responsible for damages caused by the inspection, search and management on postings.

Article 14 Refund of Service Charge

1. The company refund in case of overpayment and wrong payment. If it is the company’s mistake, it will refund charges 
    with legal rate of interest.
2. The user can request a refund on advance payment before using the service. In this case, the company shall refund
    the advance payment within the end of the next month since the user requested a refund.
3. In the case of mobile payment or credit card, it’s possible to get a refund after the payment. But if you are in the state
    of nonpayment, it is not possible to get a refund.
4. The company judges the reason for a refund. As a result, the company recharges the number of being able to send
    messages in the account of the user
5. When the customer requests a refund, the balance shall be returned to the customer after the deduction of a penalty
    for breach of contract ( 20% of total service charge), PG(Payment Gate Way) charge and remittance charge stated in the
    consumer indemnity regulations of internet usage.


[Compensation for Damages and Immunity]


Article 15 Compensation for Damage

1. If the member cannot use the service due to troubles arisen from a reason attributable to the company, the company 
   compensates for the damage.
2. The method and procedure of the compensation shall be according to related laws and regulations.
3. If the member violated any of the articles or related laws and regulation and it caused the damage to the company or
   the third party, the member is responsible for compensating the damage.

Article 16 Immunity

1. The company is not responsible for damages due to natural disasters, uncontrollable situations or the customer’s
   misuse or intention.
2. The company is not responsible for the material that the user has posted or transmitted.
3. When free service cannot be provided due to troubles arisen from a reason attributable to the company, the company
   is not responsible for the free service

Article 17 Grievance Mediation

1. When there is a grievance between the company and the user, they can request the Personal Information Dispute 
   Mediation Committee within Korea Information Security Center to solve their problem.
2. If there is a lawsuit against service charge or any trouble arisen from using the service, the case will be allocated

   to the competent court closest to the head office of the company.